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Develop the uv facilities,purify the natural environment

Main uses and features of UV ultraviolet light solidifying machine:
The machine is suitable for the motorcycle and car fittings factories mainly to solidify the UV varnish painted on the surfaces of the motorcycle tanks,plastic fittings of electrical equipments and decorating plates. After thestrong UV light solidifying irradiation with ultraviolet rays, the varnish will occur chemical poly-reaction and will be hardened in the twinkling of an eye.The solidified surfaces of the fittings will then be hard, wear-resisting, colorful and bright.
The solidifying speed of the machine is fast (the solidifying time is 5-15 seconds)and the working time of operation will be shortened greatly, thus raising the production efficiency.The solidifying in a twinkling irradiated with ultraviolet rays do not need the bake of high temperature and the power consumption of the solidification of the UV varnish is 1/5 of the power consumption of the baking type varnish, thus cutting down the consumption of energy.Because of short production assembly line, small stacking site and fast drying process, the workshop estate, labor force and managing costs can be saved.The UV varnish is a non-solvent paint of an 100% solid content, it will not pollute the air, so it is a green product of environmental protection.
As compared with the common varnish, the UV varnish has more other advantages.
The basic technological process of the solidification of UV varnish is as follows:
Spraying the primer on the surfaces of the fitting-baking the primerpolishing the primer-removing the dust-appliqueing the primer-spraying the UV varnish on the primer-leveling the UV varnish-solidifying the UV varnish-inspecting the product-putting the product in storage.
Main technical parameters of laboratorial machine
Parameter \ Model UV-12 UV-10 UV-9 UV-8
Effective working width(mm) Width: 650 Height:580,650,700(the height is adjustable)
Delivery speed 1m~3m (the speed can be adjusted steplessly, according to the needs of the fitting)
Ultraviolet lamp equipped 5Kw×2 pieces 3Kw×2 pieces 3Kw×8 pieces 2Kw×8 pieces
3Kw×6 pieces 2Kw×6 pieces
Ultra red lamp equippe 1Kw×12 pieces 1Kw×10 pieces 1Kw×8 pieces 1Kw×6 pieces
Driving power of main motor 1.5Kw
Power of cooling blast blast 2.2Kw 1.5Kw 370w
exhaust 2.2Kw 1.5Kw 370w
Contour size L×W×H 12000×1200×1500 10000×1200×1500 9000×1200×1500 8000×1200×1500
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